What to expect… with your third!


Well, that was fast. I am now just about at my 32 week mark, and for those who have trouble with math, that’s 8 months pregnant! It’s amazing how mentally different this pregnancy has been compared to the first two. I’d imagine the more kids you have, the less you’re really focusing on that growing bump. Not that I’m not thinking about the baby. I still equally love seeing him on the sonogram and love his big soccer kicks in my belly at the end of the day when I’m finally able to lay down. I like to think of that as “our time”, perhaps a bit more special even then the first two! However, there are some major differences between each pregnancy and the mental aspect of bringing a new little person into your world.

For the first, you may be scared, most likely nervous and most definitely not sure what to expect. The pregnancy thing is brand spanking new and everything from the insane tiredness at the beginning, to “why is my hip hurting”, to “why am I getting this weird feeling in my chest after eating??”, aka heartburn. And thats just the first 9 months of this new life! Once that’s over, you get to experience childbirth for the first time and then finally the grand finale that never ends, raising a little human. Oh the questions, comments and concerns that come with that..where’s the suggestion box?? Life as a brand new mom literally rocks your world.

Then comes number two. This time, it’s way less scary and a bit more predictable. During the pregnancy, your confidence is higher, you’re busy with number one and life overall has already taken its biggest turn. You’re already a parent, but now you’re adding multiples to your pack. I’d have to say one of the biggest questions you may ask yourself with this one is (and I’ll use my sons name for example purposes): “I love Asher so much, more than I could ever imagine loving someone. How can I share that love with someone else?? Will I love baby number two as much as I love Asher?” Now this was never a huge concern of mine, but I think it’s a thought a lot of women are ashamed to admit they have. I’ve heard from plenty of other moms this concern, or even just the thought. You’ve created this little family with your first, and you wonder how you’re going to add in an additional little love. But you do. Baby number two is born and he fits right in, maybe with a little bit more excitement because you know of the wonderful things to come.

Now comes baby number 3. Fear is almost non existent. Nerves? What’s that, I need coffee. You’re a pro at this. Now for the first time, this pregnancy may seem more exciting than scary. Not only have you been through it twice, but there’s no longer a question of how can we fit more kids into this pack and love them equally. You do. You know you do, and that’s exciting. You’ve created your family and now the excitement grows of knowing you get to bring in another little person into your family. Introduce him to your world, kid 1&2’s world and all that you’ve been building since your first little guy or girl made their grand entrance. Not only do you get over those nervous thoughts, but you really have no time to pay too much attention to the everyday little annoyances of pregnancy. You’re just as, if not more tired from the first two. Too busy to dissect and analyze every ache, pain, craving, thought, etc that you may have with the first pregnancy. So yes, the 9 months fly by. Being only 2 months away from welcoming number 3 into the world, I feel like I could use an extra 6 just to prepare his nursery.

Darielle Singerman

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