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Announcing our Total War Challenge Winners!

Kyle Wurzel

Kyle Wurzel was born and raised in Texas, on a diet of football and BBQ. He is a recently retired D1-AA Offensive Linemen after a few unfortunate run ins with concussions. After retiring from football, he was sitting at 6’4” 295lbs and 36% body fat, unhappy and unhealthy, he knew he had to make a change at the start of the summer of 2015. Currently, Kyle is pursing a degree in Public Relations, while studying for his NASM CPT exam. He has also slimmed down to 235lbs and 17% BF. Kyle has high expectations for his physique, as well as a passion for motivating and educating those around him.

Dewayne Raye

My name is Dewayne Raye I’m a proud father, Army Combat Veteran, and a Police Officer for the City of Buffalo. I came across bodybuilding during my tour in Afghanistan. It became my stress relief and my outlet during that time. When I came home my drive in the gym never left me. It soon became a passion and lifestyle for me that I would never let go. I’ve decide to pursue the dream to become a pro in the bodybuilding world. I came across Redcon1 supplements during my followings of Dallas McCarver, thanks to him and this amazing company and their supplements I plan to get the training and knowledge to make that dream a reality.

Jill Rudison

My name is Jill Rudison, I’m 38 years old and I’m a IFBB Women’s Physique Pro Bodybuilder. When I was at my most active, I competed in over 14 professional shows in only a 2-year period…and for that my body and my health has taken a beating. I last competed at the Ferrigno Legacy in 2015 and have been absent from the stage since, giving my body and my brain a much needed rest. Since then I’ve been focusing on work, which makes it difficult to make time for much anything else! TV Production and event work consists of absurdly long days on set, devilish craft service and catering options and lots and lots of stress. But, I’m determined and ready to get back to my fighting weight! My current goal is to lose between 10-12 pounds while still maintaining the ridiculous amount of muscle that I already have on my physique. I would love to return to the stage again one day – hopefully in 2017 – but first I need to reset my body and find a solid starting point so that I can be both happy and healthy in my skin year-round. I’m ready to get this party started and I look forward to seeing what Redcon1 and I can achieve in two months time!

Bob Kreiter

A few year ago I found myself at my heaviest and most unhealthy.  Fitness has always been apart of my life, starting in my teen years as a power lifter; but life can sometimes take you off track.  At 33, a father to 3 girls, married to an incredible women and at my heaviest I decided to get control of my fitness. I focused on a lifestyle change that would put me on track to my goal of competing in bodybuilding. Being chosen for The Total War Challenge is an amazing and validating opportunity to learn from the best while having access to the best products on the market today!  Now at 35, I know anything is possible.  Let’s do this!

Tracy Kreiter

I am a 35 year old super mom of 3 amazing little ladies and the best wife to a really fantastic husband.  I would consider myself  naturally high-spirited in both my professional and personal life.  I thrive for a challenge and I live for those moment when I can prove what I am really capable of.  A few years ago my husband and I took back control of our fitness and in that journey I lost over 60lbs.  Now it’s time to show what’s possible when you take great Redcon1 products, matched with an amazing coach and throw in a gal like me.  I am going to prove being a full time mom, holding down a full time job doesn’t mean you can’t be a full time badass!

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