The 3 “Rules” of Physique Development

Rules of Physique Development

The 3 “Rules” of Physique Development

With the rise of social media, the ability to have a voice and get that voice heard I see a lot of people making blanket statements about the ways that progress needs to be made or the best way to approach physique development.

I really think that these thought processes are very mentally handicapping as progress is not a clear-cut road and very few reach the end destination in the same way. Now that is not to say that there are not some similar variables that you will see is common dominators for successful individuals but saying you MUST do this or HAVE to do that in order to be making progress is very closed minded.

If we look at the great Olympian Champions of the sport they all have their way of going about things and none of them are wrong in their approach. If there are any blanket statements within the sport I believe these are the three that need to be considered, outside of these you do what works best for you which very well might not be what works best for me or the man or woman standing next to you on stage.

You MUST Train
How you train is not one size fits all or rarely do we see this amongst champions as there are some very successful yet unique training styles being implemented currently. Just because Dallas and I train a certain way and I believe it’s the best approach for us it does not mean it is the best approach for every Olympia competitor.

You MUST Recover
The recovery process for top athletes is very individualistic. Some seem to recover and keep performance very high on as little as 4 hours of sleep and others seem to reach and or maintain peak performance getting 7 or more hours of sleep daily. Proper recovery is extremely necessary but that does not mean we all need to go about it the same way

You MUST Eat

Nutrition is probably one of if not the most debated topics within the industry. Low carb, low fat, high carb, high fat, intermittent fasting, carb cycle, iifym…the list goes on and on. Most of these methods if not all have produced respectable physiques. Is one method of dieting possibly better for you than it is for another individual, possibly but this does not mean that there are not several ways to skin the cat so to speak in terms of your approach to getting in shape.

Be cautious of those within the industry that make blanket statement recommendations when it comes to the best way to make progress. The beauty of physique development is that we all have a very unique and formidable canvas but we need to be open to finding the best ways for each of us as individuals to continue to make progress and not be confined to the thoughts of others say when it comes to YOUR physique.

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