What type of Supplementation will benefit my Speed, Strength, and Stamina?

carbohydrate supplementation
carbohydrate supplementation

Because rigorous strength training causes muscles to break down, the key to muscular recovery is almost entirely reliant on protein synthesis, the process by which muscles recover. To a certain extent, protein synthesis will naturally occur to aid in the rebuilding of muscles. However, for protein synthesis to occur at the maximal level required for individuals who weight train, particular attention must be paid to a specific time window, post-exercise.

Immediately post-exercise, the body’s muscles require an extensive amount of nutrients to rebuild themselves, as resistance training inevitably (and ideally) depletes the body’s glycogen stores. Therefore, because of these depleted glycogen stores, muscles are in crucial need of immediate fuel, especially that from carbohydrates and protein. Quick-acting sugars (carbohydrates) increase the rate of protein synthesis while proteins provide an ideal environment for the muscles to rebuild. Consequently, without adequate refueling, individuals will experience an extremely crippling symptom, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) because of the body’s glycogen deficiency and slow protein synthesis.

The main goal here is to provide an environment for muscles to surpass their previous speed, strength, and stamina. A quick-acting protein like that in Isotope (whey isolate) combined with Cluster Bomb (highly branched cyclic dextrins) immediately post-workout will achieve this by rushing nutrients to the broken down muscles and immediately beginning protein synthesis and the replenishment of depleted energy stores. This type of supplementation is crucial for an athlete who is expected to perform at optimal levels consistently like bodybuilders, team sports players, swimmers, and others. Without protein supplementation, the athlete may recover to an extent, but will perform in a less than ideal manner, or in pain leading to injury or strain, because of potential DOMS.


To support and increase speed, strength, and stamina, quick-acting protein and carbohydrate supplementation is crucial as a means to recover and replenish the body with nutrients. Using Isotope mixed with Cluster Bomb after a workout or performance will ensure that any athlete will be able to perform to the best of their ability.

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