8 Powerful Natural Anabolics: Safe Alternatives To Steroids


The subject of anabolic steroids is controversial at best. Steroids can be said to be responsible for ending much of the golden era of bodybuilding as a serious competitive sport, as well as bringing some of the most worn out and sick people with HIV/AIDS infections back to life. No matter what your take is one the question of steroids, the fact remains that they are still more often abused, rather than used to their right potential. You can cause yourself permanent damage to your reproductive functions when dealing with steroids without being careful and having the proper knowledge on how they work. In most cases, it is simply not worth it.

However, all is not lost. The research that brought many of the steroids drugs that are now regulated and even illegal to the market also helped uncover many natural sources of steroid-like compounds. The majority stem from the plant kingdom, and many can be safely used as a milder and completely safe alternative to steroid drugs. In this article, we will cover the most impressive as well as the ones that are easy to incorporate into your diet.

Wild Oats:

Oats, one of the classic bodybuilding staples also happens to contains saponins with a steroid like effect, which might further explain why this food as become so popular among bodybuilders. It should be noted, however, that it is preferred that wild growing oats are used to reap the most anabolic effect, and supplements are widely available on the market under the name “Avena Sativa” extract for this purpose. The saponins in oats can boost testosterone levels since they increase levels of luteinizing hormone, the hormone responsible for initiating testosterone production.

Tongkat Ali:

No list of natural anabolics is complete without Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia), one of the most potent herbs for male health and enhancement. Tongkat Ali is native to south-east Asia and is well known locally as a remedy for erectile dysfunction and low energy issues in aging men. It is often called Malaysian Ginseng and acts in a similar fashion to adaptogens such as the classic ginseng (Panax Ginseng), but having a much stronger hormonal effect. Tongkat Ali has been shown to decrease the stress hormone cortisol and increase testosterone in stressed and infertile men. It is thought it does this by acting as an adaptogen, normalizing the body’s systems, bringing back balance. It can also lower SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) which is a hormone that attached itself to testosterone, rendering it inactive. Less SHBG gives you more active circulating testosterone. Tongkat Ali has also been shown to have potent anti-estrogenic effects, making it the best all around herbal supplement for men out there. If you are a bodybuilder and you are looking for something to give you that extra edge, this is it!


One of nature’s most potent anabolics come in the form of a steroidal saponin called Laxogenin (5a-hydroxy laxogenin). It is found in a plant relative to asparagus and is native to Asia. Laxogenin belongs to the brassinosteroid types of anabolic saponins, which functions through the kinase-mediated singling pathway that influences cell receptors on the muscle cell surface. Laxogenin can increase protein synthesis and slow protein breakdown, assisting in building more muscle as well as keeping more of what you already have from breakdown during training. In other words,  Laxogenin is a highly anabolic substance and perfect for both bulking as well as used when cutting to prevent muscle breakdown. It is said that Laxogenin is similar in action to Anavar but much safer, as it does not directly influence any of the body’s hormones, making it void of all the common side effects usually experienced when taking anabolic steroids. In fact, it is so safe that it can be considered void of almost any side effects since very few have ever been reported. We are big believers in Laxogenin as a natural anabolic compound and offer our own Laxogenin product called Halo. It contains 100mg of Laxogenin per serving, making it among the most potent products on the market!

Pine Pollen:

When it comes to plant-based steroids, pine pollen plays in a league of its own. The pollen from the pine tree actually contains real bio-identical testosterone, same as the one we have in our body. By consuming it through the use of an alcohol-based pine pollen tincture, you can absorb this testosterone directly into your blood stream by administering it under your tongue. Not only is pine pollen the ultimate natural alternative to TRT (testosterone replacement therapy), it also contains 15 vitamins, 22 amino acids, 30 minerals, essential fatty acids as well as over a hundred different enzymes, making it a superfood in every class.


Another androgenic carbohydrate rich, grain-like food is Quinoa seed. Quinoa was a staple food by the Incan Indians of South America as far back as 3000-4000 years ago. In a similar fashion as oats, quinoa contains steroid-like saponins called ecdysterone. A 50 gram serving of Quinoa contains about 18mg of ecdysterone’s, and since it is also a food high in protein, it is great as a post workout food for recovery. Ecdysterones help trigger luteinizing hormone release which boosts testosterone production. The seed also contains plenty of vitamins and minerals that are all essential for health and optimal hormone production. As far as grains and carbohydrate sources go, Quinoa is one of the best choices.


Celery is the most undervalued vegetable for men, as it contains two very powerful plant sterols called androstenol and androstenone. Research even suggest that they are so strong, that even smelling Celery can initiate testosterone production! Trust us when we say that this is the real deal, try eating 3-4 sticks of Celery per day for a week or two, and you will notice a substantial increase in the ‘volume’ of your orgasms.

Celery also contains the plant flavonoids luteolin and apigenin, which are both potent anti-estrogenic compounds. This help balance your overall hormone levels and make sure you keep a healthy estrogen to testosterone ratio. Struggling to incorporate this manly superfood into your diet? We suggest using them with dips as a snack, our favorite being, a testosterone boosting blue cheese dip.

Suma Root:

Suma (Pfaffian Paniculata) is a herb that originates in South America and is considered an adaptogenic herb in the same class as Ginseng and Rhodiola, having the ability to boost both you’re physical as well as mental performance. It is often called Brazilian Ginseng. Even though it has a long history of traditional use, most of its anabolic effects was discovered by the old Soviet Union, earning it the nickname “The Russian Secret”. Russia conducted several studies on the herb and introduced it to their Olympic team. In-vitro studies showed it had a similar anabolic effect to Dianabol, and when tested in weight lifters, they experienced less pain during heavy lifts as well as a renewed sense of well-being. It was said that Suma was responsible for giving Russian athletes a competitive edge when participating in the Olympics against the US.

Suma is packed with nutrients, including essential amino acids, minerals, electrolytes as well as the rare mineral germanium, which can act as a natural cell oxygenator. It also contains vitamins such as B vitamins, vitamin K2, vitamin A along with plenty of steroidal saponins and glycosides. It contains ecdysteroids in the same manner as Quinoa, only in a much more concentrated amount. Suma has a ton of animal research that can back up its effects as an adaptogen, such as, boosting testosterone, improving sexual performance and increasing red blood cell production. All in all Suma root makes an excellent addition to any athletes regiment.


Let us finish off this list of natural anabolic with another super grain that has strong androgenic effects. Sorghum is a gluten-free grain native to Africa, and a study demonstrated a 54% increase in DHT (dihydrotestosterone) levels by frequent consumption of this grain. DHT is the most potent androgenic hormone in the men and is responsible for all the mental and sexual benefits that comes with having high testosterone levels. In other words, it will help you get that alpha male focus and increase your libido. Sorghum does this by compounds which increase the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, which speeds up conversion of testosterone into DHT.


You might think that going all natural, will limit your progress towards your physique goals. However, nature as shown that even the food you consume can have potent anabolic effects in your body. Going natural comes with plenty of benefits that extend much further than just the enjoyment of not ‘cheating’, in the form of longevity, health and great sexual function. By the looks of the bodies of people using steroids, they might come off as perfect specimens. But often on the inside, serious health conditions are developing, and everybody knows that steroids will do you no favors to your sex drive, in the long run, especially in-between cycles. Play it safe, enjoy your gains knowing that they come from the hard work you put in, and not from drugs you put in your body.

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