The Other Side- 31 Days Out

In the last update blog, I wrote, I believe we were 46 days away from the Olympia. And wow, so much has happened in such a short time. In the video update that was released I was a little ball of anxious stressful energy. We had sooo many things all happening at once that I didn’t know if I could handle it all. The guest posing was a huge stressor (in a good way), because I really take pride in putting together a good routine and performance for everyone. Traveling is also a lot to take on when nearing the end of the prep, because of meals and training and cardio. Just many things and many tasks aside from normal life running through my mind to make sure everything happens successfully. I mentioned before that we were considering buying a new house, and that we were pre-approved. Well, the financing fell through, because Ian and I are both self-employed, and the banks don’t like that. Sounds heart breaking, but really, I think it was a blessing. The house was beautiful, but I’m not sure that we really want to be tied down to another mortgage. Our house is still listed and were still showing it, but with the idea of taking the equity and renting a house with a nice yard. More freedom, because who knows what will happen in the next few years… I call this post the other side, because after we were on the road for the guest posing I could take a deep breath. The meals for both of us were prepped for the weekend, the routine and outfit was put together, and we had an answer on the house. The guest posing went amazing, I stuck to my prep 111% and we got in some good training sessions too! To top it off, we made 3 YouTube videos out of all the festivities!! So very successful weekend. When we got home and I woke up for progress pics on Monday morning I hit a new low weight, a weight I normally hit 2 weeks out (and we had 5 to go). My coaches gave me a huge super saturation carb day and a cheat meal for my last Monday night meal, no cardio and I had one of the best leg workouts of the prep. Now I sit in a very good position to take on these last few weeks before the Olympia. So as stressful as that last week was, it was worth it. What I need to remember when things get overwhelming is that I can handle this. If I couldn’t handle it, it wouldn’t be on my plate in the first place. My advice to everyone with many things happening is to take it task by task, prioritize and start knocking things out. Sometimes when we think about all the things we must do, it seems impossible and daunting. But one thing at a time is very doable. Remember to stay positive and stay in the present moment. Realize there is no sense worrying about what already happened or what is going to happen, because truthfully all our power lies in the now.

Diet: Well, the diet has been very extreme this week. A few days of very low lows, and one day of a very high-high day! The low days consisted of a few rice cakes and the high day was stuffed to the brim with rice and a burger at the end of the night. The low days just so happened to be over the course of the weekend we were traveling to Boca for the guest posing! Which sounds terrible but kind of worked in my favor. Having lower carbs, yes definitely hungrier, but it also keeps my body a little tighter. I was exhausted to say the very least by Sunday when we were driving home. After traveling and training and then guest posing I was plain just beat up. However, I woke up at a new low weight Monday morning and was rewarded with a huuugggeeee high carb day. So, the hunger and energy I put in over the weekend paid off wonderfully. The high day was lots of jasmine rice and cream of rice all day long, and then a double burger with fries and halo top ice cream! (was supposed to be half the pint… supposed to be). I went to bed in gastric pain, and woke up with a huge food baby. In a good way though. I felt on top of the world and went to bed a happy prepper. So moral of the diet story is to keep pushing and doing the next right move, as hard as it may seem, it’s temporary, this too shall pass and the other side if you can stick with it, is oh so abundant and sweet.

Training: Training is nothing crazy different. We may be super setting more and drop setting more to keep the heart rate higher for longer. But the typical rep range I find myself in now is 10-20 reps with shorter rest periods. Quick and intense! Something I do want to tell you guys about in regards to training that I do frequently, is mimic poses with some of the exercises I choose, as well as posing in between sets. The way I see it is, practice how you compete. The more I can choose exercises that mimic poses, the more I grow in that particular pose, essentially because I am adding weight to the pose. I find when I pose in between sets, the better the mind muscle connection becomes. And then when I go to train that specific muscle group, the proprioceptors are primed and ready to be damaged by the weight ? So in a nutshell, high volume, lots of mind muscle connection, just sculpting and getting to know my body more.

Cardio: We have switched up this week, and thank the universe for that! For the last few weeks I was doing 55 minutes in the morning, and then 25 minutes post workout a few times a week. The 55 minutes was on the stepper or step mill, and I could get into it and enjoy it, but after a few weeks of that I began getting restless and I found myself having to switch between machines to keep interested. I don’t typically do the treadmill or elliptical, most times it doesn’t get me in the zone enough. On that same token, I don’t know that I ever do steady state cardio anymore. There is always room for intervals. Like I mentioned this week we switched it up and we are doing less time, around 30 minutes and more High Intensity Interval Training on the stepper or spin bike. I personally like that better. It hurts like a frick, especially with sore legs, but there is something about the pain and intensity that really lights my spirit up. I know it’s go time, and it’s almost show time. It’s like I trust the energy I am putting in will come back as results, so every pedal I push, every step I take is harder than the last… my mind is focused, the tunes are up, bring it on.

Supplements: My new jam this week from Redcon1 is the Double Tap Powder fat burner. I have never really tried a powdered fat burner before this one, and I am a huge fan. I have been using it frequently to get me through my workouts. What I notice is that my body heats up quite a bit faster and I break a sweat quicker than if I don’t take it. I also notice an increase in energy, kind of a big increase in energy to be honest, and that is so awesome because my energy is beginning to get lower as the prep gets harder. Right now, this supplement is perfect for what I need because it keeps my workouts intense, and the name of the game for me is calorie burn with muscle maintenance. So, the thermal effects are highly sought after. I also like that it has dandelion root in it, this is great for ridding excess water, so you can see all the shreds. I like it so much Ian and I even put together a fun little special effect video for it. (check it out on my Instagram) One more thing about supplements, the Isotope protein shake, I have both the chocolate peanut butter and the cake batter. This past weekend while we were traveling I brought a few shakes with me just in case I needed extra meals… and man was I pleasantly surprised! I did try both of them over the course of the weekend, and they were very very good. Especially for an isolate. Definitely not your typical dirty water isolate protein shake. And my favorite thing to do is make it a cereal meal with some crushed up rice cakes in it, mmmmmm so good forgetaboutit!

With less than 5 weeks until I hit the stage again, I am in a very good positive spot, I feel like I’ve already conquered the world and I am Redcon1 for what’s to come!! Talk to you soon!

Great vibes and lots of light.


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