Road To The 2017 Arnold Classic – Dallas McCarver – Ep.17

Check out Arnold Classic ep. 17
Arnold Classic ep. 17

Dallas McCarver takes on another chest day as he gets closer to his appearance at the 2017 Arnold Classic!


  1. Hey Dallas. I’m a long time fan and I’m rooting for you in next year’s Olympia. One thing that caught my attention was how you said you had shoulder issues.

    I watched your shoulder routine, and I think two exercises are causing it. There’s the behind the neck press you where doing. That exercise impinges several of the rotator cuffs during the movement, regardless of the range of motion. That can cause scars, weakness, and tearing over time.

    The other problem exercise was side lateral raises. Laterals are fine on their own, but if you turn your thumbs towards the floor while doing them, it makes your supraspinatus cross over your shoulder during the movement. This causes pinching and impingement. Just turning the thumb to face forward would fix that. Athlean -X has a great video on it –

    Anyways, I hope for the best and I hope your injury, nagging pain, etc. heals. Injuries are a lot like a check engine light. If you fix it fast and early, then there won’t be much of a problem. Otherwise, you’ll end up needing a new engine. You can’t buy a new shoulder though.