Redcon1 Tier Operator Program

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Redcon1 tier operator program

Redcon1 Tier Operator Program

Do you scroll to the depths of Instagram “liking” and commenting on various supplement companies’ posts? Do you dream of joining their team and becoming a sponsored athlete? RedCon1 wants to help you make that dream a reality with the revolutionary Redcon1 Tier Operator program!

The growing number of competitors and fans of the sport has made it difficult to attract a sponsor, be part of a team, and even earn a job with a supplement company nowadays. The RedCon1 Tier Operator program is our unique way to bring you on with one of the fastest growing companies today!

Each entry level Tier 5 operator will be assigned a unique 10% off coupon code that he or she will use to promote the brand. Once the goal of nine sales has been achieved, that team member will assume Tier 4 status, along with one free supplement, a swag item, and an exclusive invitation to the RedCon1 Facebook group.

If you continue to spread awareness of the RedCon1 brand and make 49 sales, you will earn the title of Tier 3 operator, receive two free supps, another swag item, a special shout-out directly from the RedCon1 Instagram page, and 10% commission on all sales made.

Tier 2 is what truly separates the men from the boys. Facilitating 149 sales will elevate you to such status and provide all of the perks of tiers 5, 4 and 3, but you will also be rewarded with a personal invitation to RedCon1 events and get-togethers. Oh, and did I mention $500 worth of supplements and RedCon1 swag? Tier 2 operators have proven themselves valuable assets to our team and a select few will be chosen for the illustrious rank of tier 1 by CEO Aaron Singerman himself!

Tier 1 operators are truly the best of the best and are treated as such, with a special invitation to the major events like the Arnold Classic or the Mr. Olympia, 15% commission on all sales, and a full salary! As an added bonus, you will receive an all-expense paid trip to visit RedCon1 headquarters in Boca Raton and the chance to work out with our elite athletes. Consider this your official initiation to our team.

Obviously the ability to climb the ladder of success is contingent upon sales, but I know you are all motivated, goal-oriented, and have what it takes to work alongside some of the industry’s most elite athletes and most intelligent minds. So instead of telling us you want to work with Dallas and Aaron, show us! Sign up for the RedCon1 Tier Operator program at the link below and get started working towards the career of a lifetime!

By Matt Samansky

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