RedCon1 reveals its 100% transparent Total War formula

Total War
Total War

Today we’ve got something very special to unveil, with a look at the formula of one of RedCon1’s many upcoming supplements. The product being put in the spotlight is the brand’s previously previewed pre-workout competitor, RedCon1 Total War. As expected it does feature a few stimulants as well as ingredients for both pump and performance, making it one of your more complete pre-workout experiences.

All together Total War packs a combination of 11 different ingredients and as we like to see, they are all transparently dosed. We’ll start at the top of the supplement’s list of features with its four largest in 6g of citrulline malate, 3.2g beta-alanine, and a gram each of agmatine sulfate and taurine.

Moving on down RedCon1 Total War’s label you get into its more stimulating side, which includes a couple of our current favorites. Up first you have 250mg of caffeine, then 125mg of N-phenethyl dimethylamine citrate (eria jarensis), 100mg DMHA, 50mg theobroma, 25mg each of higenamine and BioPerine black pepper, and 2mg of rauwolscine. The two we’re most excited to see in the mix are eria jarensis and DMHA, as the last pre-workout we had with the pair turned out to be the best on the market.

Looking at the complete RedCon1 Total War combination we’re fairly certain it’s going to be a powerful pre-workout, although we are of course going to have to try it to be sure. Another thing that we get from today’s Total War formula reveal, is that the brand’s other products are definitely going to be interesting. If RedCon1’s pre-workout is anything to go by then you have to imagine its other 11 supplements are going to equally well put together, or at the very least 100% transparent.

For a closer look at the RedCon1 Total War formula, you can check out its official facts panel down below. As for when you’ll be able to get your hands on it, like the rest of the brand’s products Total War is expected to be available sometime next month.

RedCon1 Total War

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