Are All Pro-Hormones Liver Toxic?


Are you considering integrating a Pro-Hormons into your supplement regiment? You might have heard some scary rumors about taking your supplementation to the next level for example; “Pro-Hormones damage the liver and impair its vital function.”

This is a warning commonly thrown around gym locker rooms, but is it true?

In certain cases, yes. Methylated oral steroids DO indeed enact harm on the liver. Pro-hormones are made liver toxic through a modification to its structure known as a methylation in the 17th position. The end product is typically referred to as a “17 alpha-alkylated” or “17-aa” oral steroid. This modification allows the PH to pass the liver and avoid excretion, enabling higher potency than non-17-AA steroids. The stronger the compound, however, the more harm done.

Methylated pro-hormones have adverse effects because they inhibit excretory functions of the organ. When 17-AA pro-hormones are introduced, the liver ceases to produce bile, which serves an integral role in cleansing the body of unwanted toxins. If the flow of bile is cut-off, it creates a buildup of toxins known as cholestasis, which then leads to necrosis, or liver cell death. Other conditions like cirrhosis have the potential to follow. If left untreated, the organ will ultimately fail and cease to survive.

DHEA supplements, however, are NOT liver toxic. ”Scientists have published research papers indicating that [DHEA supplements] do not pose a liver toxicity risk to human beings.” In fact, DHEA supplementation yields more positive effects than negative, as it serves as a natural precursor to testosterone and estrogen.

As we grow older, dehydroepiandrosterone levels decline. Your body’s ability to fight off disease and infection, youthful energy, and cheerful mood are soon to follow. Elevated levels of male and female sex hormones have been found to strengthen the adrenal gland, as well as bone and immune health, slow down effects of aging, increase energy, and improve one’s mood.


RedCon1 offers a trifecta of tantalizing DHEA products in the form of SOMAL-1, SOMAL-4, and SOMAL-NOR.

SOMAL-1 is our 1-DHEA pro-hormone that undergoes a two-step conversion process from Androstenediol to Androstenedione and finally to 1-Testosterone. Chemically engineered and backed by the efficacious Liposomal delivery system, SOMAL-1 will provide dry gains from lean muscle tissue before your very eyes.

Harnessing the destructive power of 4-DHEA, SOMAL-4 will help you to break past plateaus and gain immense amounts of mass. Expect some water retention from this product. If that round, full look is what you seek, SOMAL-4 is the supp’ for you!

Finally, SOMAL-NOR is our potent mass gaining DHEA supplement that converts to 19-Norandrostenediol. As with our other DHEA compounds, SOMAL-NOR is non-liver toxic and provides sustainable strength and endurance, dense muscle pumps, leading tons of lean size gains.

The FUBAR Stack from will deliver all three of our DHEA supplements along with the aromatase inhibitor Shield and post-cycle regulator Aftermath. These products are crucial for controlled estrogen levels, reduced water retention, and improved blood panels after a powerful DHEA cycle.

Disclaimer: The author of this article does not condone the recreational pro-hormone use, but if one decides to supplement with hardcore products such as these, do so wisely under to consultation of a physician.

By Matt Samansky

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