Nutrient Timing Strategies

Nutrient Timing Strategies
There is much debate, as to whether timing our nutrients across a day posses any benefits to body composition, And who these strategies maybe applicable to, and if some only need focus on the quantity of the nutrients, and less so on the specific timings of those nutrients.
A typical approach from a nutrient timing perspective is to eat certain macros based on our energy demands. If we aren’t exercising or performing tasks that require glycogen as fuel , do we need to be taking in carbohydrates at every meal? or are we better served only taking them in closer to that bout of exercise, be it pre and post workout?
From an insulin sensitivity perspective , there is considerable evidence that the over feeding constantly of carbohydrates combined with a sedentary lifestyle will result in an insulin resistance , in which we need to produce more endogenous insulin, to store those carbohydrates. Our body eventually cannot keep up with those demands and this is reflected in an increase in fasted blood sugar levels, which would then indicate the onset of type 2 diabetes. Therefore from a health perspective it is clear that our carbohydrate intake must match our output, and the need for a particular energy source.
From a performance perspective , we understand insulins role as a storing hormone , and its ability to offset cortisol and maximise protein synthesis. Elevating insulin levels post workout , has been shown to improve recovery rates, and although protein will result in the release of insulin, further recovery benefits are seen from a combination of carbohydrates and proteins. We can possibly go one step further and place those carbohydrates and amino acids Intra workout , so as we train, our blood is loaded with the nutrients we need, to maximise a recovery process. When using an Intra carb product, they need to be high molecular weight , to ensure there are minimal digestive issues. This is where cluster bomb is an ideal choice.
Following our Intra/post workout shake, is a good time to further replenish glycogen stores and maximise insulins benefits by taking in a high carbohydrate meal, combined with a lean protein source. This would be the most calorie dense meal of the day.
For the meals outside of the workout perimeter, a good nutritional strategy is to make up the rest of your calorie needs from protein and fat meals. Ensuring a wide variety of both proteins and essential fatty acids is consumed at these meals.
Deciding on the amount of carbohydrates and amino acids needed at the workout perimeter is dependant on your energy demands. If at present you take in 300g carbs a day, I would suggest taking in 50-75g carbs across the workout from cluster bomb, combined with 2 servings of breach, to ensure your maximising recovery. Immediately following the session, you need to take in a complete protein source, so isotope would be ideal here.