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Keri Shaw
Keri Shaw

As long as I can remember, the gym has always been my go to place. Having a good day? I’m going to continue it by getting in a great workout! Having a bad day? I’m going to make myself feel better by getting in a good sweat sessions! Having an emotional day? Ha! Those were my favorite gym sessions because I could let out all of my emotions on the weights with no judgement. The cold, hard, steel didn’t care if I’m having a good, bad, emotional or whatever day, but it was always there. Working out has been my therapy for years, but what it looks like has evolved as my roles and responsibilities as a wife and mother have changed.

Even through my pregnancy, I made it to the gym regularly. Like I said, the gym has always been my go to place and working out helped me manage the array of thoughts that goes through a pregnant woman’s head. (Cue apologies to our husbands!) But, then my son came which was obviously life changing in the most incredible of ways, but it also left me, a lifer in the gym, grasping for normalcy without the one constant I’ve always had – the gym. First off, I wasn’t allowed to work out (the way I wanted to) for 6 weeks. Then, I finally got the clearance from my doctor and had the motivation to go to the gym, but I didn’t have the time because my son needed me constantly and my husband was traveling for work. I knew I had to work out because that’s what I do and it has always made me feel better, but working out the way I always have was just not physically possible at the time.

However, where there’s a will there is a way. I decided I was going to continue my fitness journey, but in a different way. I started at home workouts, in my living room, with my son attached to me 100% of the time. It gave me a sense of normalcy and I was seeing changes in my postpartum body. I kept at it, increasing the intensity and adding weights when I (rarely) had a free hand. What I have discovered is that fitness looks different for everyone and, in my case, fitness can look different through various stages of your life. There isn’t a right or a wrong other than if you choose to neglect yourself completely. There is nothing wrong with a mom taking care of herself. Instead, moms need to take a few minutes each day to do things that make them happier. A happy, healthy mommy is a better mommy. Beyond that, your kids won’t always listen to what you say, but they certainly will emulate what you do so make sure you are setting a good example for them.

If you think home work outs are for you, but you don’t know where to start, please check out FitMommyAcademy.com. After years of experience through bodybuilding, CrossFit and Strongman and experiencing pregnancy and postpartum first hand, I’ve create a tool for moms to get in quick, effective work outs at home without having to sacrifice time with their little ones.

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