Dallas McCarver & Joe Bennett’s Heavy Chest Workout

IFBB Pro and 2017 Arnold Classic runner-up Dallas McCarver trains chest with Redcon1 Head Trainer and NPC National Level Bodybuilder, “The Hypertrophy Coach” Joe Bennett. The duo decided to only do 3 exercises on this their second chest workout in one week. They start out with incline dumbbell bench press. Bennett prefers incline over flat as most bodybuilders possess a big rib cage and therefore flat bench press becomes a decline press. On exercise number two, Dallas and Joe hit the Nautilus Flat Chest Press. With this being their second chest workout in the week, Joe and Dallas didn’t want to push the envelope with free weight movements. Lastly, on the third and final exercise they close the session with a machine fly. Nothing fancy, just basic training with perfect technique looking for a tight squeeze and contraction on each rep.

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