Ditching the Epidural


I always knew that having a home birth was the path I wanted to take. Nothing about this decision ever scared me except for one thing, an epidural wasn’t an option, ouch!!!! So here are a couple tips I used during labor to help manage the pain.

  • Hip squeezes during each contraction was the biggest relief for me.
  • Rebozo sifting: using a long piece of fabric to move my abdomen from side to side is a two fold. It helped me relax and also helps to gently move the baby down the birth canal.
  • Bouncing on a yoga ball or cold compresses are little things that can help to make you more comfortable.
  • Different positions, don’t just lay on your back, find what works for you!
  • Lastly the water tub. This truly helps to manage the pain by 50 percent.

All of these techniques help your body relax so that you can birth in a more peaceful state! Hiring a doula is an excellent way to help you through a natural birth whether that be at home or in a hospital. This video is my experience birthing my first son which shows many of the previous mentioned techniques. Happy & healthy birthing?

-Hallie Bader, mom of two



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