Dallas Journey to the Olympia – Day 28


Day 28

Notes From Matt

Yesterday we did a very slight depletion day. The goal was to bring weight down just slightly for the sake of having Dallas be in a good position to handle our travel today. 

We trained chest at Project Flex yesterday, the entire workout was filmed so be sure to check that out on redcon1.com

Be sure to following along today on IG and Snapchat as we document the training day! 

@dallasmccarver and @mattjansen8

Diet from Sept 12 

8-9 liters of water 

Sea salting all meals / seasons fine 

Meal 1 – Pre Training Meal
2 Whole Eggs
250g – Egg Whites
90g – Cooked 95/5 Sirloin
150g – cream of rice
100g blueberries
Total War Pre Workout Intra workout 
Water only 

Meal 2 – Post training 
150g – Cream of Rice
73g –Isotope (weight)
20g – Raw honey 

Meal 3 
224g – Grass Fed Sirloin steak cooked
50g – avocado
350g – Jasmine Rice 

Meal 4
224g – Chicken cooked
280g – Jasmine rice cooked
75g – Asparagus cooked 

Meal 5
224g – beef
180g – Jasmine Rice cooked 

Meal 6 – The McCarver Vanilla Berry Blast Smoothie 
20g – almond butter
73g – Isotope Vanilla whey
20g of carbs from strawberries and blueberries
Organic vanilla unsweetened almond milk


3 Hard posing rounds 

Training – Chest Workout

Exercise 1 – Tri-Set 

3 Way Standing Cable Fly 

– This has been a staple of our training since we stared together. 

Incline plane of motion x 8 

Flat plane of motion x 8 

Decline plane of motion x 8 

3 rounds 

Exercise 2 – Straight sets 

Banded incline hammer press with hard contractions 

3 x 10-12 

Exercise 3 – Superset 

Flat DB Fly (emphasis on stretch) 


DB hex Press (driving wrists together throughout) 

3 Rounds x 12 – 10 on each 

Exercise 4 – Superset 

Incline Flex Press 


Incline flex fly done on flex press (holding onto machine arm) 

3 sets of 10-12 

Exercise 5 – Bottom Half Dips 

Stretch partial emphasis 

3 sets to failure 


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