Dallas Journey to the Olympia – Day 25

Road to mr olympia day25

Notes From Matt

Dallas hit a new low today, food has continued to slowly go up on a daily basis and everything is continuing to improve. 

Today we trained arms at Project Flex, we are very thankful to have the opportunity to train in that facility. Its been a great place to train with an atmosphere of people who understand what its like to compete on this level and are very encouraging and supportive of what we are doing! 


Be sure to following along today on IG and Snapchat as we document the training day! 

@dallasmccarver and @mattjansen8


8-9 liters of water 

Sea salting all meals / seasons fine 

Meal 1 
3 Whole Eggs
194g Ground Bison Cooked
150g – Cream of rice cooked
Total War Pre Workout
Intra workout

Meal 2 
120g – Cream of Rice
20g – Raw honey
73g –Isotope (weight)

Meal 3
224g – Grass Fed Sirloin steak cooked
350g – Jasmine Rice
50g Avocado 

Meal 4 
2 Whole Eggs
194g – Ground Bison
350g – Raw Egg Whites cooked 

Meal 5 
224g – Chicken Cooked
350g – Jasmine rice cooked
70g – Avocado
75g – Asparagus cooked 

Meal 6
65g – Peanut Butter Chocolate Isotope
20g – Almond Butter
130g – Cream of rice


Hard posing rounds 

Training – Arms / Forearms /  Calves 

We are continuing to train biceps first since they are getting less secondary work than triceps. We just hit Chest yesterday so triceps were hit as a secondary muscle. We are still training triceps hard but just emphasizing biceps first within the workout. 
With the bicep movements the goal is to get full supination of the bicep so aim to have your pinky finger finish at peak contraction towards the outside of the delt cap. 

Exercise 1 – Straight sets 

Standing Alternating DB Curl 

Working up to 3 hard sets at the same weight within the 10-15 rep range 

Exercise 2 – straight sets 

Incline Supinated Bicep Curl 

We used a slight incline here with the goal of really keeping shoulders pinned back against the pad. 

On these reps we cut out all momentum and did both full ROM reps as well as partials out of the stretched position. 

3 working sets in the 10-12 rep range plus 3-5 partials. 

Exercise 3 – Straight sets 

Machine Single Arm Machine

Working full stretch through peak contraction on each rep + 3 forced partials on each side. 

3 working sets in the 10-12 rep range plus 3 forced reps.

Exercise 4 – Straight sets 

DB Single Arm Curl on Standing Preacher Machine 

Again here we are trying to fully lengthen the bicep so an easy way to do this is to contract your tricep in the fully extended position. 

2 sets of 15 on each arm 


Exercise 1 – Straight sets 

Incline Skull Crusher 

Pyramid up in weight, all sets performed to failure around the ranges listed. 


Exercise 2 – straight sets 

Single Arm Alternating DB Overhead Ext 

Going through a full stretch / Pause / Drive into 3/4 through range of motion. 

3 working sets in the 10-12 rep range plus 3-5 partials. 

Exercise 3 – Rope Tri-Sets 

Bending over at 45 Degree – Rope Extension starting with rope at forehead, splitting rope ends at bottom. No body movement here


Traditional Standing Rope Extension splitting rope at full extension while keeping arms into sides throughout 


Standing High Pulley overhead Extension with back towards stack. Keep rope ends together here. 

All three movements done to failure of FULL REPS only at same weight

3 Rounds 

Exercise 4 – Straight sets 

Cable Single Arm Reverse Extension 

2 sets of 15 on each arm 

Forearms Circuit 

Reverse Cambered Barbell Curl x 15 

Barbell Behind The Back Forearm curl x 15 

Hammer DB Curl with hands slightly pronated x 15 

3 Rounds