Dallas Journey to the Olympia – Day 3

Day 3: August 18, 2016

Daily Notes 

Notes From Matt

Dallas is in a really good place right now and his body is not fighting him which is a great sign, he is working really hard and when changes are made we are getting a positive response from them. The body is not always that responsive but when it is you can tell that things are in a sweet spot. 

I have no stress on my end right now with where Dallas is at physique wise and that is a great spot for us as a team to be. We both feed off of each others energy in the gym and outside of the gym I feel that Dallas feeds off of my expressions and the non verbal communication that we have during progress pictures, when I am assessing his physique at different points of the day etc… and right now all is in a good place. 

Today is a refeed day for Dallas which was determined this morning as in typical fashion we wake up and go through posing and I look over his physique as well. I wouldn’t say that this is your “typical” refeed but through our time together I learned that he simply needs more and I would not be surprised if we had to do something similar tomorrow as glycogen recomp at someone of his size takes more than a 12 hour feeding window to get true glycogen storage back and not just an influx of water.

Following this mornings cardio we went to Whole Foods to grab the typical diet foods which will be used today in greater amounts plus a few extra carb type foods that are a more dense course of carbs so that his total food volume is not so high that he struggles more so with the volume of food rather than the total caloric intake. 

The way I have structured his diet today is 5 planned out meals with macros and then we will do a sushi meal which is all that he can comfortably eat and for that I do a rough estimate of macros. My reasoning for tracking is because to me these high days tell a small story of what will be needed at the end of prep to properly load. These calories within the day are all saved and notes are made off of how he responds so I can get a gauge of what is needed throughout peak week as by that point his body will be in a leaner more depleted state and that too needs to be taken into consideration. 

Due to todays refeed we are going to try to do our best to make the most of the food during training and focus more on blood volume, supersets and less nervous system based heavy training in order to actually get a positive response from the food rather than dig deeper into a hole. So with that being said training will be more instinctual which I am going to let Dallas dictate and not a set plan. If he is feeling good we will do a greater amount of volume if he is not and feeling beat we wont force something that is not there and do a marathon workout just because food is increased today. 

We are also posting clips of each training day on snapchat during our time together so be sure to follow along there as well. 

Dallasmccarver and Mattjansen8

Meal 1 – Pre Training Meal
35g – Isotope (Whey Protein)
120g – Oats raw measure
4 Whole Eggs
2 Cinnamon Raisin bagels
40g – All fruit Jam
Intra training sip on way / during / way home
Total War pre workout and Big Noise
Breach– bcaa no carbs 

Meal 2 – Post training 
100g – Cream of Rice
30g – Raw Honey
65g – Isotope (Whey Protein)
2 Muffins from Whole Foods 

Meal 3 
168g – Grass Fed Sirloin steak cooked
350g – Jasmine Rice
50g – Guacamole or avocado
1 – whole foods cinnamon raisin bagel
20g – All fruit Spread 

Meal 4
Sushi Meal


Meal 5
168g – Chicken cooked
400g – Purple Japanese Potato cooked
1 – whole foods cinnamon raisin bagel
20g – Peanut Butter
30g – All Fruit Jam

Meal 6
150g – Oats
1 Muffin
32g – Almond Butter
50g – Isotope (Whey Protein)



30 min AM upon waking 

***We typically do not pyramid up in weight for our working sets, we find a weight to start working sets at and then complete the sets at that weight until form starts to breakdown or we are no longer getting a peak contraction, unless listed otherwise. 


Exercise 1: Superset
Cable Cambered bar Pullover
Shoulder Width Neutral Grip Pulldown
We worked through a continuous range of motion on these. Explosive concentric with slow eccentrics working through a full stretch then right back into the concentric (positive). Aiming for 10-12 reps on each. 3 working sets 
Exercise 2: Superset
Seated Hammer Wide Neutral Grip Row
Seated Hammer DY Low Row.Here we really focused on an explosive contraction – contraction hold on each rep and then working into a full stretch and allowing our scapula to fully round in the stretched position. Once we could no longer hold the weight at peak contraction the set was done.3 sets of 10 on each 
Exercise 3: Superset
Standing Neutral Grip High Row***Standing on this movement really changes the range of motion your back is put through you start out with your upper lats being fully stretched and finish
Standing but leaning with chest fully on pad and hips back pulldows using the same high row.This is a unique movement that i actually saw Shelby Starnes do at one point where he was standing using a Hammer High row. Again here we did a superset format aiming for sets of 10 on each variation. 
Exercise 4: Straight Set
Fixed 45 degree leaning Pulldown using a wide grip lat pulldown barThis is an upper back rowing movement done on a lat pulldown. An angle we had not yet hit today. Here we did 8-10 very strict reps with a hard contraction and then loosened up just a bit still forcing hard contraction aiming for another 6-8 typically.
3 working sets 
Exercise 5: Straight Set
Hammer MTS Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown Sitting across the seat rather than facing the pad.Here we were looking to for a movement to fully open and close the scapula and create a good stretch in the extended position. Using the Hammer Reverse Grip Pulldown machine we sat across the pad rather than with the pad so the chest pad is now on the same side as the lat we are working. We used the 21’s method here doing 7 bottom half contraction partials – 7 full range of motion reps – 7 partials from a stretched position.
2 sets 
Exercise 6: Rack Pulls – Pyramid Straight sets
The goal here was straight sets of 5 adding 1 plate per side at a time until you could no longer get 5 reps. Dallas Finished with 8 plates a side.


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