Dallas Journey to the Olympia – Day 24

Road to mr olympia day24

Notes From Matt

Food is being slightly increased today which was a decision made based off of morning poisoning practice. We are 8 days out today and both Dallas and myself are very happy with where he is currently. Today we are training chest and it’s going to be direct and to the point. Energy levels are low so we need to get the biggest bang for our buck so to speak with exercise selection. 


Be sure to following along today on IG and Snapchat as we document the training day! 

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8-9 liters of water 

Sea salting all meals / seasons fine 

Meal 1
3 Whole Eggs
200g – Egg Whites
90g – Cooked 95/5 Sirloin
150g – Cream of rice cooked
Total War Pre Workout
Intra workout  

Meal 2
120g – Cream of Rice
20g – Raw honey
73g –

Isotope (weight)

Meal 3
224g – Grass Fed Sirloin steak cooked
350g – Jasmine Rice
50g Avocado 

Meal 4
2 Whole Eggs
350g – Raw Egg Whites cooked
115g – cream of rice  

Meal 5
224g – Chicken Cooked
280g – Jasmine rice cooked
50g – Avocado
75g – Asparagus cooked 

Meal 6
65g – Peanut Butter Chocolate Isotope
20g – Almond Butter
100g – Cream of rice


Hard posing rounds 

Training – Chest and calves 

Exercise 1 – Straight sets 

Incline barbell press 

Working up to 3 hard sets at the same weight within the 10-15 rep range 

Exercise 2 – straight sets 

DB floor press 

This movement is something that Dallas and I keep in our rotation throughout the off season. This is a top end contraction emphasis movement. We come to a slight pause on the floor but you need to stay tight and not completely “de load” the weight. 

3 working sets in the 10-12 rep range. 

Exercise 3 – Straight sets 

Cable 3 way fly 

– incline emphasis 

– flat emphasis 

– decline emphasis 

3×8-10 on all planes of motion 

2-3 rounds based off feel. 

Exercise 4 – Straight sets 

Banded dips (band around upper traps and connected to base of dip machine) 

3 sets emphasis on fully driving against band tension until mechanical breakdown occurs. Looking for full reps here. 


Exercise 5 – Straight sets 

Calves –  3 sets of standing and seated going through a full stretch and contraction on all reps. 30 rep goal on each set. Rest pause method used. 

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