Dallas Journey to the Olympia – Day 16

Road to mr olympia day16

Day: 16 August 31, 2016

Notes From Matt

Yesterday was a planned off day, very much needed and we got a good result from it yesterday sleep improved and weight increased a bit from not having as much energy expenditure. At this point we are taking things a few hours to a day at a time so for now we don’t plan on taking more off days but will if needed. 

Be sure to be following along today on IG and Snapchat as we document the training day! 

@dallasmccarver and @mattjansen8

Training – Hamstrings 

8-9 liters of water 

Sea salting all meals / Seasons Fine 

Meal 1
3 Whole Eggs
200g – Egg Whites
90g – Cooked 95/5 Sirloin
150g – Oats raw measure
Pre Workout
Intra workout 

Meal 2 
120g – Cream of Rice
73g –Isotope (weight)

Meal 3
224g – Grass Fed Sirloin steak cooked
280g – Jasmine Rice 

Meal 4
3 Whole Eggs
250g – Raw Egg Whites cooked
5 slices food for life bread 

Meal 5 
224g – Ground Sirloin
270g – Jasmine rice cooked
75g – Asparagus cooked 

Meal 6
3 whole eggs
250g whites
100g oats
Onions and pepper if you want 


20 min HARD post workout 

Training – Hamstrings 

1. Lying leg curls 

Triple Accumulation set
10 + ADD weight 10 + ADD weight 10 + ADD weight as many as possible
Aiming to only hit failure on last add set. Using a total of 4 weights = 1 set
Triple drop set
10 + Drop weight 10 + DROP weight 10 + DROP weight as many as possible
Aiming to only hit failure at each weight . Using a total of 4 weights = 1 set 

2. DB RDL 

4×8-12 straight heavy sets
Working up to a max set of 12 and maintaining weight for all sets 

3. Split squats in smith machine 

3x 10-15
Long stride stance to get a stretch through glutes and hamstrings, only come 3/4 way up not fully locking out onto knee joint. 

4. Standing leg curls 

2 alternating rest pause sets
This is a DC style rest pause but since it’s Iso lateral we are using the working leg as the rest for the non working leg. All sets within the rest pause format are done at same weight.
70x 15-7-5 done fully on right leg then moving on to left. 

2 rounds like this

5. Seated leg curls 

2 sets of 21s
7 top half peak contraction
7 full reps hitting peak contraction
(Aiming to fully shorten hamstring on each rep)
7 partial half reps from fully stretched position.
Calves circuit
Toe press 

Amap each time through starting with 50 each first time


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