Dallas Journey to the Olympia – Day 10

Road To olympia day 10

Daily Notes 

Day 10: August 25, 2015

Notes From Matt

We are continuing to keep calories increased slightly his look continues to improve while his bodyweight is stable from increasing food just slightly. Today to aid in the overall goal of keeping his body responsive we have planned a rest day, it’s been a solid 9 straight days of training. I’m a believer in rest doing the body good especially late in prep so this is very much a part of how we approach things as a team. Push hard and recover so that we can continue pushing hard!

Be sure to following along today on IG and Snapchat as we document the training day!

@dallasmccarver and @mattjansen8

Off day from training 

Aug 25 Diet


2 Whole Eggs
250g – Egg Whites
90g – Cooked 95/5 Sirloin
150g – Oats raw measure
Pre Workout
Intra workout

Meal 2 – Post training
100g – Cream of Rice
73g –Isotope (weight)

Meal 3
224g – Grass Fed Sirloin steak cooked
280g – Jasmine Rice 

Meal 4
2 Whole Eggs
350g – Raw Egg Whites cooked
4 Slices food for life bread 

Meal 5
224g – Ground Sirloin Cooked
210g – Jasmine Rice cooked
75g – Asparagus cooked 

Meal 6
2 whole eggs
400g whites
Onions and pepper if you want 


25 min

Training – From August 24

Back workout at Project Flex with Dallas and Joe Bennett. These past two days have been filmed by REDCON1 so be on the lookout for the footage!

Exercise 1

Vertical neutral shoulder grip pulldown

-Focusing on pulling elbows in front of us tucking into elbows and not allowing elbows to flair


Seated dual d handle low row

– keeping upper body in a fixed position leaning in towards pulley. Really focus on keeping elbows tucked and pulling arms low into waist truly getting at waist level at finishing position and not rib cage

3 sets working on fully activating lats in both vertical and horizontal planes 10 reps each with slow 3-4 second eccentrics and contraction isometric holds on each rep.

Exercise 2

Hammer high row with a neutral grip holding on to the arm of the machine rather than fixed handle

-We keep our butt back on these and chest fixed into the pad really forcing your back to do the work and not momentum

3 heavy working sets with full contraction plus stretch constant tension partials aiming for 8-10 reps + 5 partials.

The last set we did a double drop set aiming for 6 reps on each drop.

Exercise 3

This next movement Joe selected for is with a lower lat emphasis done on the seated horizontal hammer row using the neutral grip. With your lead arm use the same lead leg and use your alternate arm and leg to stabilize. Lean forward pushing your body away from the machine to start the movement and then stand up fully. The fixed plane of motion you get on this machine while standing allows the machine to really hit low on the waist at peak contraction. Really focus on keeping your lats in a fixed position and not using momentum. Be sure to check this out on the upcoming video!

Exercise 4

Next we moved on to rack pulls…you didn’t think we forget did you!

Here we used a starting bar placement right below knee since we had just trained hamstrings the previous day.

We worked up to a top set of 3-5 reps and then one hard back off set fully de loading the bar onto the pins each rep for 12.

Exercise 5

Inverted bodyweight rows in smith machine. Upper back emphasis here really focusing on holding peak contraction on each rep with our legs fully straight out in front of us.

3 sets to failure




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