It is time to increase your testosterone, naturally. There are many reasons why high levels of testosterone are ideal (In case you were wondering, I am talking to just the male audience). Testosterone is what makes us men, well, MEN. From the strong, muscular look, to facial hair, and maybe even a slightly shorter fuse than our female counter parts. Not only that, this hormone is responsible for our sex drive, positive mood, and energy levels. You will experience all of these at elevated levels while on Redcon1’s brand new product: Boom Stick.

Who should take Boom Stick? Studies have shown most men start to decline in natural testosterone production between their late 20s and early 30s. This slow decent continues until your early 40s. This is when many start to see a decrease in muscle tone, increased body fat, fatigue, and lower sex drive. Sound like fun? I thought not. This can be prevented by adding a natural testosterone booster to your daily routine. A product like Boom Stick is the perfect answer. Let me clarify, this is a natural test booster, so for anyone worried about steroid use or bodily harm from synthetic chemicals, you need not worry. Because it is natural, Boom Stick will not convert to estrogen, nor is it liver toxic. This also makes it an ideal product to use between cycles if you are a user of anabolics. Let’s get down to ingredients and how this amazing product works.

Featuring a heavy dose of D-Aspartic acid, this ingredient is sure to ramp up your natural testosterone production. Studies have shown that taking D-Aspartic Acid, also known as DAA, can cause a significant increase in the output of testosterone via the testes.

Boom Stick also includes an awesome ingredient known as Ashwagandha. This herb is phenomenal, as it help reduce stress by minimizing the stress hormone, Cortisol.  It has also shown to have a positive effect on testosterone levels, while also increasing sperm levels in men. This, coupled with an increase in testosterone levels provided by the DAA will help maximize your exercising capabilities and your results.

Fenugreek is another cool ingredient used in this product. While studies show Fenugreek does not affect testosterone output on a significant scale, it does in fact help prevent the breakdown of testosterone, thus helping you maintain healthy hormone levels.

This next ingredient is really special, as it covers a problem not many seem to think about when it comes to boosting testosterone. Diindolylmethane, or an easier way to say it, DIM, helps to balance hormone levels by acting as an aromatase inhibitor. What does this mean? Well, aromatase is an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. This can be a big problem when elevating testosterone levels. By having an aromatase inhibitor, you are allowing yourself to reap the benefits of higher levels of test, without the side effects of increased estrogen.

Nettle Extract is used in Boom Stick. This is significant as this herb has been shown to inhibit SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin). This results in higher levels of total testosterone in the body, as SHBG no longer binds with the testosterone. Once again, more test = better for you.

The last and ingredient I want to touch on is DHEA. DHEA is a precursor to testosterone, and is thus converted in the body to testosterone. This ingredient is normally produced by the adrenal glands, but has shown to decrease with aging. Having DHEA in a test boosting product is great, especially for men who may be experiencing a decline in natural testosterone production.

Add all of these ingredients up, and you are left with one hell of a natural testosterone boosting product. You see, it important to boost your testosterone, but it is even more vital to ensure you are covering all other aspects of hormone balancing. Boom Stick not only enhances your natural testosterone levels, but it also minimizes estrogen levels and frees up your natural test. Using these ingredients, and at the proper dosages, you are sure to experience elevated test levels.

The product speaks for itself. I encourage you to have blood work done and get your levels checked. After one month of taking Boom Stick, have your testosterone checked again and see the results first hand. You will not be disappointed!

You do not have to except the inevitability of declining test levels. With Boom Stick, you can get back to feeling like a young man and experience the lean muscle, metabolism, and sex drive you once did! Lift on my friends!

Garrett Skurnit

Instagram: @fit_garrett_skur

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