Why do we ​decide to ​stop​? ​Wh​at makes us “end” only to sometime begin again?. ​My countless beginnings have always been about the gym. I can’t count how many times I’ve “started over.” What makes each time supposedly ​”​d​​ifferent​?”​ After a 22​-​month talk​ (with my 22-month toddler)​ I started over​ again​. Weights were heavier than I remember​. Each set was harder than the last. Why is this time any different​? ​Why ​i​s starting over now go​ing​ to be the difference between then and now​? Surprise – it’s not. Starting over is starting over. But the real difference this time is ​that I genuinely want it. I want the body I know is ​there, ​underneath it all. I want to be healthy​ and happy,​ and keep up with my daughter. I want ​to​ avoid the ​​diabetes I will ​certainly have if I stay where I am. I want ​this​ for my next baby​,​ s​imply s​o ​Pregnancy 2 is far happier and healthier than Pregnancy 1. And I want it for ​Faviana, who ​watches me work – I want her to grow up knowing it’s a​n incredible​ thing to ​truly ​t​​ake care of yourself and​ develop a​ love ​for ​fitness. Motivation is what starts you and drive is what​ propels​ you ​further​. Plain and simple, this time is the same​. Starting over, like all of the times ​before​. But the difference is…I ​finally WANT it.

I also knew I couldn’t do it alone. And that​’​s OK to admit. Find yourself a good coach.

What is a good coach/mentor to you?

​To me, a good coach makes time to listen ​and communicate. I know I can expect a response in a reasonable time. ​(​No​ ​​​wait​ing anxiously for​ weeks for a reply. A good coach is one who won​’t allow you ​failure. It’s THEIR opinion you come to respect. As much as you want it for you, you want it for them​,and if you drop the ball​, you feel ​like you let two people down. Their excitement is your excitement. Their motivation is your motivation. Every​ da​y, I want to not only make myself proud​, but ​also make my coach proud. I push harder knowing​ she is there​,pushing me​. And I know as bad as I want it​,she may be the only other person that wants it more for me than I do….

The quote below is​ a long-time favorite​:

“Life’s best coaches are those who believe in you and your potential, sometimes even before you do.”

Remember this when you look for someone who is go​ing to be in charge of changing your lifestyle.

Disclaimer:​ There are ​as many good coaches as ​there are bad ones,​ so make sure you DO YOUR RESEARCH ​on the be​st fit for you. ​My perfect fit is Team Bombshell with​ Mama Bombshell, Shannon De​y​, and my personal coach​, Gennifer Strobo. You have to do what’s right for ​you, and sometimes that requires trial and error. Do not be afraid to say what you want. You pay an expert to help you so before you go and spend hard​-earned money make​sure you are willing to also invest your energy and time, and sweat. (Lots of sweat.) ​At the end of the day, YOU ​are still the one ​that must follow instructions. No one can make you get out of bed​, food prep​, or go to the gym​. But a good coach sure can make you feel accountable! No matter how you do it​ – self​-motivation or hiring help, DO IT FOR YOU!

-Wendy Capurso