Why Should Cluster Bomb be Your First Choice

Cluster Bomb
Cluster Bomb

Why should Cluster Bomb be your first choice in carbohydrate supplementation?

Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (HBCD), created to be the most efficient carbohydrate supplement for high demand training.
From an organic chemistry stand point, in most cases the more branched a compound is the longer it takes to be broken down… Compared to a single linear compound a highly branched compound will take longer to digest. So why in the hell would you want that for a workout?

Cluster Dextrin reduced the release of stress hormones induced by physical activity, far more than glucose, which in turn reduces the depredating effect of vigorous exercise. Meaning an improvement in overall athletic performance by limiting the negative effects of rigorous exercise.

Test subjects reported their level of exhaustion to be notably lower when using HBCD, compared with maltodextrin. This was also reinforced by blood samples, in which HBCD group exhibited higher blood sugar levels.

Due to the fact that HBCD does not break down as rapidly in the small intestine you will not get a steep rise in blood sugar and insulin response which means your body will continue to burn fat and will not have a dramatic drop in blood sugar resulting in an energy crash. It’s higher molecular weight offers the ideal interaction between carbohydrate breakdown and the normal release of free fatty acids. Resulting in superior carbohydrate absorption/endurance.

When Cluster Dextrin forms the energy foundation of a sports drink, its high-solubility and fast gastric emptying time bring it rapidly to the small intestine.

A carbohydrate supplement with an expedited transit time into the small intestine with a slower and sustained rate of breakdown will provide the best carbohydrate source to push you to new levels.


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