CEO Profile: Aaron Singerman

ceo profile aaron singerman
ceo profile aaron singerman

CEO Profile: Aaron Singerman

By Matt Samansky

Aaron Singerman is a name synonymous with supplements and success. But the lavish life of luxury cars and fine timepieces was not handed to him on a silver platter. In fact, the troubled young teen showed no signs of future achievement and was often labeled an “underachiever.” Join me as I take an in-depth look at the life (thus far) of the humble man who would become supplement industry royalty.

Aaron Singerman grew up in a suburb just outside of New Orleans where his father Jerry owned an upscale men’s clothing store. Aaron began working at the store from a young age and learned to appreciate the value of establishing a business and building upon it. By the time he reached high school, however, the Singerman family business had been replaced by a larger store with a nationwide reputation. Aaron worked many odd jobs throughout the remainder of his teens and into his 20’s; all of which he was fired from. This lack of direction coupled with poor social influences turned Aaron towards experimenting with drugs. It was not until a friend’s fatal overdose occurred in front of him that Aaron realized he had to make a change. But what changes could he make and which path would he take? Aaron always had a passion for weight training and a fascination with the sport of bodybuilding so he began working as a personal trainer. Aaron made a great deal of contacts whilst employed in this field and approached a co-worker driving a brand new Porsche. “How can I get a Porsche too?” asked the wide-eyed young Singerman. “You’ll never get a Porsche working here,”  he responded. Not exactly the response Aaron was looking for, but he learned a valuable lesson that day. You can never be successful doing something you are not passionate about. This was the “eureka” moment that escaped Aaron for 20+ years. He finally knew what he had to do.

Aaron continued to train clients in order to pay the bills, but he spent all of his spare time listening to radio shows, reading books, immersing himself in the world of bodybuilding. One particular radio show Aaron subscribed to was Super Human Radio with Carl Lenore. Hoping to make a name for himself, Aaron wrote to Carl to inform him that one of the products he was endorsing would not work. Mr. Lenore was impressed by Aaron’s letter and asked him to conduct an interview on his show. The interview must have went well because he offered Aaron a steady gig hosting a bodybuilding focused show called Off Topic Radio. Aaron found advertisers and earned enough money from the show that he was able to quit personal training altogether. After recording 300+ hours of Off Topic, Aaron accepted a position with Rx Muscle, the world’s leading bodybuilding media site. He was eventually promoted to editor-in-chief, traveling the world covering bodybuilding shows and interviewing competitors. Aaron Singerman had achieved his dream but there was still so much more to accomplish.

Rx Muscle paid well, but Aaron was hungry for more. Utilizing his various contacts in the business and position in front of the camera, Aaron was able to make extra income wearing t-shirts and promoting products from outside sponsors. One such company was Iron Mag Labs, a company with which Aaron actually worked up the ranks so far that he achieved the distinction of marketing director. Along with friend and business partner PJ Braun, the two served as the collective “voice” of the company and more than doubled IML’s revenue.

Iron Mag Labs created Super DMZ, one of the most powerful supplements ever to grace supplement shelves. Company executives feared the product would soon become illegal due to gray market ingredients and expressed the desire to dispose of more than 7,000 units. Aaron saw the opportunity in this and purchased the remaining stock, assumed the risk and sold Super DMZ under the mysterious name of Blackstone Labs. In less than five weeks, their stock was depleted. The ingredient had not yet been banned so the duo of Aaron and PJ decided to continue with their money-making ways, this time re-branding Super DMZ and accompanying it with a second product, a third product, a fourth product, and so on. One year later, Aaron and PJ had become so successful with Blackstone Labs that they bought out their third investor and continued operations on their own.

Blackstone Labs quickly became the market leader in hardcore supplementation, but their target audience was limited. CEO Aaron recognized that certain Blackstone Labs supplements would not stay legal for long and growth could only be achieved through mainstream supplementation. It was then that Prime Nutrition was born. Products from this new sister company were results-based, appealing to the general fitness enthusiast. When retailers like Vitamin Shoppe and found out Aaron Singerman and PJ Braun were the masterminds behind this new company, they jumped on the opportunity to work together. Blackstone Labs and Prime Nutrition quickly covered all aspects of the supplement business with two very different target customers; the latter appealing to the hardcore bodybuilder and the former to the general fitness person.

Blackstone Labs grew to such incredible heights that it was recently named to Inc. 500’s list of fastest growing companies in the United States. They finished at number 27 in the country and number 1 in their category.

Mr. Singerman had built a company from nothing to one of the top names in the industry. Most entrepreneurs would have been content with this achievement and continued on, but Aaron decided to challenge himself once again. In May of 2016, Aaron parted ways with Blackstone Labs to start a new adventure with Singerman Enterprises.

Under the Singerman Enterprises umbrella are Run Everything Labs, Dynamik Muscle, Iron Addict’s Brand, and RedCon1; four of the industry’s brightest young supplement companies. By starting these companies, Aaron has had the opportunity to work with such fitness celebrities as Dana Linn and Rob Bailey, Kai Greene, and most recently, CT Fletcher!

Today, Mr. Singerman operates as CEO of RedCon1. Despite being a toddler in the supplement industry, it is making waves among the elite nonetheless. Whereas most supplement companies debut with a product or two, RedCon1 has unveiled more than a dozen since opening its doors just 5 short months ago.

Unwavering determination, wealth of knowledge, and unparalleled business acumen has led Aaron Singerman to become the supplement mogul he is today. I have followed Aaron from his humble first days at RxMuscle and have been fortunate enough to work with him throughout the years. All of these qualities and more make Aaron a wonderful boss and an ever better friend. It has been a pleasure going to battle with you, Aaron, and I am “the highest state of readiness” for whatever comes next!

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