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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Third Time Mom

Once you become a parent, it’s natural for others to ask if you plan on having any more kids. That’s typically a question you...

My Birth Story

Well, it’s been 4 long weeks since our newest addition, Alijah, made his debut into the world, and our life. If you’re a parent...

Fleeting Moments

Sometimes the hardest lessons for us Mommies are the ones we realize after the fact.....  These last two weeks have been very long for me....

What’s In Your Hospital Bag?

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Cry Me River… The Final Weeks

Something happened today. Something that does not normally overtake me like it did this morning. I cried. Yes, my 9 1/2 month pregnant self...

Featured Mom- Keri Shaw

As long as I can remember, the gym has always been my go to place. Having a good day? I’m going to continue it...

Go Get It

Ugggggggg.  This has been one of those weeks. The last two weeks actually! You try everything to avoid it and push past but it just...

The Final Countdown

Dear Diary, Kidding. But really, this is more of a personal post on where I’m at in my pregnancy and some things that have crossed...

Ditching the Epidural

I always knew that having a home birth was the path I wanted to take. Nothing about this decision ever scared me except for...

Dear #JudgementalMom, I’m a proud #FITMOM

Dear #JudgementalMom, I’m a proud #FITMOM I’ve noticed a trend. Something we can thank the internet for, perhaps on both ends. The beauty of the...


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