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Pregnancy Myths


RedCon1 – Higenamine

The competition season has begun and following along with some of my previous articles as of late, I’d like to shed light on some...

GDAs (ALA, Its Isomers, and the Basics Part 2/3)

ALA’s main mechanism of action deals with its ability to regulate and help better control blood sugar. Porasuphatana et al looked at the glycemic...

Readiness Trials Day 1


GDAs (Cinnamon Part 1 of 3)

There was a tremendous amount of requests for me to continue on with my articles focusing on glucose disposal agents and I thought the...

Accelerate Healing Rates Part 3

RedCon1 - Accelerate Healing Rates Part 3 A more direct study from Xu et al looked at how TB500 accelerates overall rates of wound...

RedCon1 – Is Fasted Cardio Beneficial for Everyone?

RedCon1 - Is Fasted Cardio Beneficial for Everyone? Given the time of year with many people competing, a common question that comes up is what...

Breach Ballistic

I have thoroughly reviewed BCAAs before in my article Amino Acids: the Essentials. Remember, the phenomenal amino acids responsible for faster recovery and growth?...

The King of all Exercises

If you could only do one exercise for the rest of your life, what would you choose?” Ever heard that one?  I know I have countless...


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