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Why You Might Not Be Growing Part 1

You’re probably reading this and wondering why you may not be making the progress you want in the gym. Maybe you’re not loosing fat...

How Meditation Make Men More Manly

When men hear the word yoga, images of ladies in tight yoga pants are probably what come to mind first. It’s understandable for the...

Dallas Diary 4-2-17


RedCon1 – Ergogenic Effects of Caffeine Part II

RedCon1 - Ergogenic Effects of Caffeine Part II The second ergogenic benefit we will be looking at is how caffeine effects us during periods of...

Arm Day Motivation – Dallas McCarver

Dallas McCarver give us all Arm Day Motivation. Check out Dallas' training video here and maybe you can get on his level. Let's Go! https://youtu.be/yIah-iTbLro Check...

Differentiation in Positivity

Theories of the human mind pertaining to motivation and an impetus towards success have captivated me for some time. As some of you may...

What to look for in a Prenatal Vitamin

Since prenatal vitamins are typically packed with tons of extra nutrients, many women choose to take these year-round whether they are expecting or not.

Featured Mom- Keri Shaw

As long as I can remember, the gym has always been my go to place. Having a good day? I’m going to continue it...

GDAs (Cinnamon Part 2 of 3)

In vitro studies had indicated dose-dependent inhibitory activity of cinnamon extract against yeast α-glucosidase with the IC 50 value of 5.83 μg/ml and mammalian...


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