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Protein Requirements for Bodybuilders- Part 1

I was asked by a client recently about protein requirements and felt it was a great topic to touch on! He stated in an...

Why Every Athlete SHOULD Use TUDCA Part 2

Normally, athletes ingest TUDCA simply for those liver benefits it possesses, but little credit is ever given to its interactions with skeletal muscle,...

Why Every Athlete SHOULD Use TUDCA Part 1

You guys have heard me talk and briefly touch on TUDCA in previous articles but after a high amount of demand for more information...

Cialis in Bodybuilding?

Im sure that title caught your eye and many are probably thinking “I don’t have ED so why would anyone take cialis for bodybuilding?”...

Alpha GPC: The Anabolic Nootropic

Choline is an essential dietary nutrient found in high concentration in foods such as eggs. It is an important nutrient to get through the...

Calcium D-Glucarate: The Estrogen Detoxer

While many guys are obsessed with increasing their testosterone levels, I like to take a different approach to male hormonal health. The most important...


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meal prep

Meal prep 101- Part 2