Should You Do Barbell Curls? Exercise Variation Hacks With Joe Bennett

barbell curl
barbell curl

In this instructional video, Redcon1 Head Trainer Joe Bennett addresses the topic of should you be doing barbell curls? This is a great question, because it’s a basic exercise we are all told at one point that we need to include into our programs, however, as Bennett describes, not everyone is physically suited to do the exercise. One must be able to rotate (supinate) the wrist to at least 100 degrees (with the barbell being at a fixed 180 degrees) and secondly, your hands must stay in the same position throughout the entire rep. People not suited for barbell curls, but continue to do them may be at risk for injury in the elbow and shoulder, as well as tendonitis. The key aspect is for the elbow joint to be positioned directed up and down. Any flare outs to the elbows is an unnatural position to perform a curl and can lead to injury. Only if you have wrist flexibility and range of motion should you being doing barbell curls.