Launching soon – Aaron Singerman’s RedCon1

Aaron Singerman’s RedCon1
Aaron Singerman’s RedCon1

A couple of months ago Aaron Singerman stepped down as CEO of well-known Blackstone Labs. As soon as the news dropped we couldn’t help but assume Singerman had plans for another brand of some sort. This week that suspected brand has officially been unveiled, introducing the all-new supplement company RedCon1. The man himself hasn’t said a whole lot about any of the products in the line, however we do have some very important and interesting details.

While you may be thinking RedCon1 is probably going to start out with a handful of products like most supplement companies, you’ll be surprised to hear that the brand’s plan is far from that. Aaron Singerman has confirmed that when RedCon1 eventually launches its line, it will have a massive total of 12 different products. At the moment we only have details on 2 of those 12, Fade Out and Total War.

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