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Thursday, February 23, 2017
Check out Arnold Classic ep. 17

Road To The 2017 Arnold Classic – Dallas McCarver – Ep.17

Dallas McCarver takes on another chest day as he gets closer to his appearance at the 2017 Arnold Classic!
ep. 16

Road To The 2017 Arnold Classic – Dallas McCarver – Ep.16

Its another Leg day on the Road To The 2017 Arnold! RedCon1 Athlete Dallas McCarver tells us in detail his training regimen for legs.

Road To The Arnold Classic – Dallas McCarver – Ep.14


The Smarter Super Set Front Delts

cross fit

Navy Seal Brand Cruz: Cross Fit

Before training the future warriors of America Brandon Cruz and his brother in law Joey grind out an intense CrossFit workout and show us how it gets done.

Road To The 2017 Arnold Classic – Ep.10

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