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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Performance Enhancing Proteins

In our last piece on “Performance Enhancing Fats”, we laid out why fats are an essential part of any healthy diet and how some specific fats, can benefit athletic...

Micromanaging the Path to Success

The evident issue with goal setting lies in the near-sightedness of human inclination. Be it through thousands of years of evolutionary and environmental programming or through an innate mind...
Carbohydrate Confusion

Carbohydrate Confusion: Carb Cycling For Lean Gains And Single Digit Body Fat

In recent years, high-fat diets have been on the rise. The popularity of the ketogenic diet as a weight loss tool has exploded, and the evidence is out that...

Dallas Diary 3/06/17 New Zealand


Dallas Diary Entry 3/01/17


RedCon1 – Citrus Bergamot Part II

RedCon1 - Citrus Bergamot Part II Mollace didn't end his research there however. He even furthered his work on bergamot with a study looking at the hypolipemic and hypoglycaemic activity...

RedCon1 – Citrus Bergamot Part I

RedCon1 - Citrus Bergamot Part I Citrus Bergamot probably isn't a very well known or discussed compound/supplement that I have to credit the great Dante Trudel for introducing me to....

RedCon1 – Gelatin and Bodybuilding?

RedCon1 - Gelatin and Bodybuilding? The title of this article may have you slightly confused. “Gelatin and Bodybuilding?” Gelatin makes your mind automatically think of jello, the sweet dessert...

Fitness And Discipline – Redcon1

Fitness And Discipline Discipline is an important aspect in a fitness routine. Working out is tough and that is why self-discipline is required to achieve the desired fitness goal. When...
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